Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy:
Thuluth Script

All listed workshop times are according to your local time zone

Topics covered in masterclass:

Learning Methodology

Discover the step-by-step process and traditional progression map to mastering Arabic calligraphy from absolute scratch.

Writing Tools, Ink, and Paper

Learn what tools are used to write Arabic calligraphy, how to prepare the ink, and what kind of paper is appropriate for use.

Scaling & Measurements

Learn the basics of nuqta measurements and how they are use to script letters in their proper form and proportions.

Hand and Pen Dynamics

Learn how to hold the pen at the proper angle and how to avoid scripting inconsistent strokes

Pro Tips

Discover strategies that will ensure your long term continuance of Arabic calligraphy practice.

Learning Resources

Learn about various resources available that can assist you in your journey of learning Arabic calligraphy

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