Create Stunning, Handwritten-Looking Arabic Calligraphy Designs In Minutes!

With our unique, stroke-by-stroke modules, complete video tutorials, and 100+ pre-composed designs, you'll never need anything else for all your Arabic calligraphy projects!



The Problem with Traditional Fonts:

If you've ever tried to use generic fonts for Arabic calligraphy, you've likely run into the same issues we all have—rigidity, unnatural curves, and a finished product that just doesn't feel authentic. As demonstrated in the image above, fonts limit your creativity and fail to capture the unique nuances and fluidity of hand-drawn Arabic calligraphy.

The Digital Vectors Difference:

Now, look at the image above. This composition was made using our Digital Vector Sheets and showcases the detailed, handwritten look that you can achieve. Notice the difference in complexity, the fluid lines, and the authentic feel that's impossible to achieve with regular fonts.


Why Settle for Less When You Can Have the Best?

Your art deserves more than the confines of pre-designed fonts. With the Digital Vector Pack, you have the freedom to craft Arabic calligraphy that truly captures the essence and intricacies of this sacred art form. Stop being limited by fonts—take full control of your creative journey today!



Beautiful, but far from unique. We've all seen it — the overused, generic design of Ayat-ul-Kursi that's practically become a cliché in the world of Arabic calligraphy art. You recognize it instantly, and unfortunately, so does everyone else. While it might be aesthetically pleasing, its overuse has diluted its impact and originality. In a sea of identical compositions, how do you make a splash?


Ditch the Template, Embrace Your Creativity

If you're tired of seeing the same old designs and are hungry for something that truly reflects your individual style, the Digital Vector Pack is your ticket out of the copycat trap. Why settle for artwork that dozens, if not hundreds, have already replicated when you can create something entirely unique?


Unparalleled Flexibility with Stroke-by-Stroke Modules:

The Core of Your Creative Freedom

A New Dimension to Your Creative Process

Welcome to a world where you’re not just a user but a creator. With the Digital Vector Pack, you're given the building blocks to construct your own unique narrative in the form of Arabic calligraphy. Each stroke is a brushstroke on a canvas that is entirely yours to shape.

What Makes Stroke-by-Stroke Modules Unique?

Visualize being an architect where the blueprint is dynamic, not static. You’re not just adding pre-designed elements; you’re building the very essence of each letter and each word from scratch. That’s the creative power our stroke-by-stroke modules bestow upon you.


Customize Your Calligraphy Designs with an Endless Array of Variations
  1. Infinite Composition Possibilities:
    The stroke-by-stroke modules in the Digital Vector Pack act as your elemental building blocks. Whether you aim for elaborate complexity or minimalistic elegance, your imagination is the only limit.
  2. Seamless Integration:
    These modules are designed to play well with others—specifically major vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Affinity Designer. The user-friendly drag-and-drop interface ensures a frictionless design experience.
  3. Fine-Tune to Perfection:
    Why settle for close-enough when you can have perfection? With the Digital Vector Pack, you can modify every curve, fine-tune each angle, and refine each individual stroke until you achieve the masterpiece you've envisioned.
  4. Realism Like Never Before:
    One of the most compelling aspects of hand-drawn art is its fluidity and organic charm. Our stroke-by-stroke approach replicates this authenticity, offering you a finished piece that is not only visually captivating but emotionally resonant.

Rooted in Tradition: A Testament to Authenticity

All scaling and measurements are based on the Mesk of Sevki Efendi

Every module in our vector pack adheres to the authentic scaling and measurements laid out centuries ago. It's not just about the look; it's about the soul of each stroke, the balance of each curve, the essence that makes Arabic calligraphy a living, breathing art form.

When you utilize the Digital Vector Pack, you're not just designing – you're becoming part of a continuum, a lineage that traces back to the great halls where students learned the revered art under the guidance of iconic masters.

Bridging the Ancient and the Modern

Our commitment to authenticity doesn't mean being stuck in the past. The Digital Vector Pack equips you with tools that balance ancient wisdom with modern convenience. It's a melding of time-honored techniques with the innovation of today, ensuring that while the tools have evolved, the heart and soul of the art remain untainted.

With each design you craft, you're not just creating art; you're honoring, preserving, and evolving a tradition.

Complete Video Tutorials

Crafting Calligraphy with Confidence

Building Your Foundation

Our comprehensive video tutorials are not mere afterthoughts – they are integral to your journey with the Digital Vector Pack. Each tutorial is designed with care and precision:

  1. Beginner Basics: Learn the very fundamentals. Understand the composition process and the underlying principles of each module.
  2. Intermediate Insights: Dive into the art of composition, arrangement, and the nuanced ways to utilize the stroke-by-stroke modules.
  3. Advanced Artistry: For those ready to push boundaries, explore intricate compositions, blending tradition with personal flair.
Progress at Your Pace

Gone are the days when mastering the art of Arabic calligraphy took years of intensive study under the watchful eye of a master. While the respect for that tradition remains, the Digital Vector Pack empowers you to traverse that learning curve at your own pace.

The tutorials ensure you:

  1. Grasp Concepts Quickly: Simplified explanations and visual demonstrations make comprehension effortless.
  2. Practice with Purpose: Structured lessons allow for incremental progress, ensuring you build on a solid foundation.
  3. Achieve Artistic Autonomy: As you progress, the tutorials guide you towards developing your unique style, encouraging exploration and innovation.


A Glimpse Inside the Vector Sheet

1. Isolated Letters

At the heart of any calligraphy project are the individual letters. Our vector pack offers meticulously crafted isolated letters, acting as your primary building blocks.

2. Traditional Pair Tables

Dive into our traditional pair tables, which provide you with ready-to-use combinations of letters. Perfectly harmonized, these pairs simplify compositions, allowing you to capture the natural flow of the script with ease.

3. Medial and Final Letters

This is where your creativity goes into high gear. As you get into the heart of each word, our wide array of medial and final letter variations allow artists to truly experiment with the alternatives and choose which one works best for their own unique composition.

4. Traditional Compositions: Pre-Crafted Masterpieces

Step into a gallery of pre-crafted traditional compositions, each a masterpiece in its own right. But the beauty doesn't stop there. These compositions are not fixed; they're dynamic. Wish to borrow a letter or segment from one of these masterpieces for your design? Simply drag and integrate. It’s a fusion of timeless artistry with modern convenience.


Endless Possibilities Await

The Digital Vector Pack isn't just a tool—it's a world of creative possibilities. Whether you're crafting a simple greeting card, designing branding materials, or working on a large format masterpiece, every component you need lies right here, waiting to be discovered and transformed.


See What Current Users of the Digital Pack are Saying (and Creating!)

"Before the Digital Vector Pack, my clients would often ask for Arabic calligraphy designs, and I'd be scrambling to find a font that worked. Most times, they felt too robotic or plain. Now, with the stroke-by-stroke modules, I craft designs that breathe life and authenticity. It's genuinely transformed the way I approach Arabic-themed projects. Plus, those video tutorials? Golden for fine-tuning my skills." - Nadia H - Freelance Graphic Designer


"My family has been in the coffee business for generations. When I opened my café, I wanted the blend of modernity and tradition. The Digital Vector Pack became my secret sauce. From menus to wall art, it's added a touch of personalization that customers remember and talk about. And believe me, in the food business, such details make a world of difference." - Ali S. - Café Owner


 "My weekends are my sanctuary from the tech world. Arabic calligraphy became an unplanned hobby, a counterbalance. The Digital Vector Pack made it accessible. I don't have a formal background, but with these tools, I've crafted pieces I'm genuinely proud of. It's therapy, art, and skill-building, all rolled into one." - Hamza - Tech Enthusiast & Weekend Calligrapher


"As an event planner specializing in Islamic-themed weddings, the Thuluth Vector Sheet has truly elevated my business. The ease of creating authentic, personalized, and beautiful calligraphy designs for invitations, banners, and decor has impressed my clients and helped me stand out in a competitive market." - Omar Khan - Event Planner

Bonus #1: Grand Arabic Calligraphy Vector Collection

As part of your purchase of the Digital Vector Pack, this exceptional bonus is here to amplify your design capabilities and artistic horizons. Here’s why this collection is an invaluable addition to your digital toolkit:


Expansive Collection, Endless Possibilities

100+ Arabic Calligraphy designs that stand ready to blend seamlessly into your own unique compositions. Be it a project that requires elaborate details or simple elegance, this collection has got you covered.


Versatile File Formats

Every artist has a unique canvas. That's why we offer designs in AI, PDF, PSD, DWG, PNG, and SVG formats. Whatever your software preference, be assured of a smooth and efficient design experience.


Detailed Video Tutorials

Enhance your mastery with 19 immersive video tutorials. Handpicked from our cherished projects, these tutorials walk you through creating large format masterpieces from scratch. From wall decals to dynamic compositions, every secret is laid here.


Treasures Within the Collection:
  • The Wall and Door of the Kaaba: Our pièce de résistance, meticulously crafted over six months. Every stitch, every border, recreated to perfection. Detach, reorient, and repurpose each layer for your unique vision.
  • Asma Ul-Husna: With multiple layouts of the revered 99 Names of Allah, focus your energy on the art's creative aspects, with the foundations laid out for you.
  • Mehrab/Mimbar Designs: Dreaming of a majestic Mehrab? Or perhaps a personalized wall art? With arch-shaped calligraphy and geometric patterns, you have a robust base to kickstart your project.
  • Complete Surah Ar-Rahman: A masterful composition waiting for your touch. Repurpose and transform it into an unparalleled artwork that resonates with emotion and depth.


Forever Yours, Always Accessible

With lifetime access to this comprehensive collection, revisit, redownload, and reimagine as many times as you like, on any device, now and forever.

Bonus #2: 100+ Exquisite Background Design Collection

Infuse depth, texture, and emotion into every artwork you create with our handpicked horizontal and vertical Background Design Collection. Specifically curated to complement your Arabic calligraphy designs, this second bonus is set to take your projects from mundane to truly mesmerizing. Let's explore the riches that lie within:

Diverse Artistic Mediums for Varied Expressions

Venture into the world of different painting techniques with high-resolution backgrounds crafted in:

  • Acrylic, Oil Paint & Water Colour Mediums: Let the vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and smooth gradients add a touch of classic artistry to your projects.
  • Traditional Ebru Marbling Art Designs: A timeless art form, these swirling patterns exude elegance and provide a luxurious canvas for your calligraphy.
  • Authentic Islamic Geometric Designs: Bold, intricate, and striking, these patterns serve as the perfect juxtaposition to fluid Arabic calligraphy.
Picturesque Mosque Imagery & Interiors

Ground your artwork in rich Islamic heritage:

  • Mosque Interiors: Step inside serene sanctuaries, letting the detailed interiors provide a sacred backdrop to your designs.
  • Paintings of Mosques in Scenic Settings: From dawn's first light to the serenity of twilight, these artworks capture mosques in their divine splendor, creating evocative backdrops for your projects.


Designed for Large Canvases

Every image in this collection is meticulously crafted in high resolution. Whether you're working on a small project or creating grand wall canvases, rest assured that every detail will shine through, pixelation-free.


Freedom of Use, Boundless Creativity

Every design in this bonus comes with a full license that grants you the freedom to use it for both personal and commercial projects. Your art, your rules.



This comprehensive course will help you elevate your art from hobby to full-time career.




  • Composition Vector Sheets: for Thuluth (multi-stroke), Diwani, Farsi, and Kufi scripts
  • Complete Video Tutorials: From basics to advanced compositions, ensure effortless mastery with guided steps.
  • Bonus #1 - The Grand Arabic Calligraphy Vector Collection: 100+ Pre-composed Designs & Templates, complete with tutorials.
  • Bonus #2 - Exquisite Background Design Collection: 100+ High-resolution backgrounds from various artistic mediums and Islamic themes.
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee




  • Composition Vector Sheets: for Thuluth (multi-stroke), Diwani, Farsi, and Kufi scripts
  • Complete Video Tutorials: From basics to advanced compositions, ensure effortless mastery with guided steps.
  • Bonus #1 - The Grand Arabic Calligraphy Vector Collection: 100+ Pre-composed Designs & Templates, complete with tutorials.
  • Bonus #2 - Exquisite Background Design Collection: 100+ High-resolution backgrounds from various artistic mediums and Islamic themes.
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in the value and quality of our product. That's why we're offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with your purchase, simply reach out, and we'll process a hassle-free refund.