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Omar Uddin has spent years practicing and teaching traditional Arabic Calligraphy to thousands of students online. He has authored two books that will teach you about the history of scripts, methodology and detailed techniques on how to master Arabic Calligraphy. 

Learn to write Arabic Calligraphy

A comprehensive guide to scripting and designing calligraphic art in Naksh, Thuluth, Diwani, Riq'a, and Farsi scripts.

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Arabic Calligraphy Mastery Series- Thuluth

The ultimate instructional book that teaches the Thuluth script in a detailed and comprehensive way.

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What's the Thuluth Script?

Undoubtably one of the most popular Arabic calligraphy script in the world today, Thuluth was one of the earliest cursive scripts to emerge in the 11th century CE from Baghdad, Iraq. The script was put forward by Ibn Muqla Shirazi as part of a growing movement to make the use of cursive scripts more mainstream.

The Thuluth script became known as a large and elegant script and eventually found its primary purpose of use - creative artwork and architectural decor.

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Book Reviews


T.R Smith

I've bought several books on calligraphy, for both Arabic/Persian and Latin alphabets, and this is by far the best one of the lot. It may seem a little pricey, but it's worth every penny. Every single stroke for every letter is drawn with metrics and described in detail, along with many alternate forms that allow for considerable creativity. Many more advanced examples are provided, with guidance on maintaining readability. Neither beginner nor expert can go wrong with this book,


Clear-concise-methodical approach-with excellent easy to follow steps that are clearly illustrated-Impressive gallery depicting authors' sampling of professional client based work-highly recommended for all beginners to advanced students.


Omar Khan

Anyone learning on their own can benefit immensely from this book as it contains exercises to build core competencies that are needed and then moves on to letter formation and then to the connecting of groups of letters. It’s the only book of it’s kind that I’ve been able to find that’s written in english!

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Omar Uddin

Founder & Principle Teacher

Pakistani-born Canadian artist Omar Uddin is an Arabic calligraphy expert who began learning the traditional art as a young child. 

Today, Omar is the author of 2 books that teach the prestigious art in the English language, and is the founder of My Qalam Academy, with more than 6 thousand students from 102 different countries.

Omar’s art portfolio includes structural calligraphic designs for numerous landmark mosques in North America. His goal when creating any of his artwork is to emphasize the mystical nature and sheer beauty of the calligraphic scripts.

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