Join us in learning, exploring and reviving the ancient art of Arabic Calligraphy.

How to Create Your Own Bamboo Qalam

Reed and Bamboo pens are not expensive and can be found online  relatively easily.However, having a bility to cut your own is an art in itself and is mastered with years of practice and repetition.

Bamboo poles can be purchased in various gardening and hardware stores, with the current COVID 19 restriction you could buy yours online. Ideally you would like to purchase a stem that is flexible and not too stubborn or too old, as the last thing you would want is to apply a little pressure...

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Early origins of Arabic Calligraphy

Throughout the history of Islam Arabic Calligraphy has inspired awe and love for the divine words of God and its visual appeal has not only been limited to Muslims, but to anyone who appreciates beauty.

Understanding the history behind the development of Arabic calligraphy allows one to appreciate the refinement process that the script endured over thousands of years.


Arabic's lineage can be tracked all the way back to the Phoenician alphabet (also known as the...

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